Tuesday, October 28, 2008

New Job & Picture in the Paper!

Well I can official say that I have a new job FINALLY doing what I wanted to...I will be taking a position as a background colourist/concept artist/flash animator for a studio making a pilot for a bigger studio. Im very excited and was approached for the job! Ill be able to work from home, so a break from studios, and get to put some time into my own stuff too!

Also my 2005 film 'Vial of Youth' is screening not only in the Brisbane International Animation Festival 2008 this week and in the International Animation Day lineup around the world, but I was also interview and had my photo taken for the local paper. Me and one big yellow wall!


Alex Grigg said...

Heya CONGRATS!!! thats awesome adele. it sounds like a dream job for you :)

o.O' said...

Congrats on the job! Wu-hey.
Found you on CA and just spend a good while enjoying your blogs. I love the lively happy-mental style, made me laugh a few times.
Furthermore your panels, poses and colors are just great... and so on.

Good fun to ya.

Ps: there is this "Bathory" -movie out, just incase you missed it, Shot in beautifull Czech Republic.