Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Doritos Australian Commercial Competition

Over the past few weeks I have been involved in the constant pushing of voting for my partner's (Maik Hempel) Doritos Australian TVC competition entry...and we all (who voted) hope it gets him 1st prize and $20,000...which he deserves on many levels.
To debunk the many "bad sport" comments being posted by some entrants who didnt get in, (that the final 5 were not worthy and didnt have effort put into them) I just wanted to say that 'Come and Ride my Cactus Horse' was entirely written, designed, animated...basically everything (except for the female voice which was me) was done by Maik. He put alot of effort into it in the very short time provided and you can judge for yourself here. Whether he wins or not, he got a great little 29 second short out of it. It was created in Anime Studio Pro in April and the winner is announced next week on the 26th of May...stay tuned!
UPDATE: Maik's entry didnt win, the most terrible entry won, a wildcard that got into the top ten by most public was horrible and Im not just saying that because Im being bias, EVERYONE is shocked that Doritos actually chose it and has given them $20,000.


Alex Grigg said...

heya adele, congratulate maik for me. The clip is fantastic, i must have voted for it about 50 times.
I wouldnt worry about bad sports voting for the lame ad, im pretty sure i read in the rules that the staff chose which one they like best out of the top 5 (taking votes into account).

Hope you're enjoying melbourne!!

Paul Lalo said...

Hi Adele,

I've just watched the winner's ad on TV. It was terrible!! they picked the worst ad ever!! Really sorry that Maik didn't get it, his was by far the best.

What were they thinking??