Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Good News so far...

A couple of months ago I entered myself into a search for an illustrator for a new childrens book. The Australian publishing house Murdoch Books was looking for a new unpublished illustrator and had to provide 3 illustrations in your style in regards to the brief provided. I found out last week that I had been shortlisted and now have to go through the interview process. The chosen artist will then receive $10,000 to work on the book.
I had my phone interview yesterday and I thought that there would be like 50 or something in the shortlist...but it was 5...out of 300 entries! So that was great to hear and even if I don't get the work, its nice to know that they liked my stuff enough to have me in the running to illustrate their job. Plus it might mean I could get some freelance work to do a book in the future.

Anyway, I find out on Friday or next week if I get the work. I was also told that my entry/application illustrations were the first to come in and that they liked them so much it set the standard for what they were looking for...nice confidence boost.

UPDATE: I was chosen, Im the new illustrator for the children's book! When I can, ill post the original images I entered.

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