Sunday, November 29, 2009

I am still alive

Like the title says; I am still alive, but like most bloggers that I follow we are all busy and not so active in our blogging at the moment. For the past three months I have been pumping out concepts and final artwork for the children's book and that goes till Aprilish next year. The book apparently comes out in November 2010. Plus last week I started more studio work, doing layouts and backgrounds for Studio Moshi and this week I do some flash animation for them...eep! I try to avoid that if I can because I prefer to draw but its a good craft to have in the back pocket for emergency. Also, this blog's address is now & the other is Im just trying to streamline my stuff as Im updating my website.

Here is one of the character concepts from the book which didnt get used. All rights belong to Murdoch Books.