Monday, April 12, 2010


I'm sick at the moment, but the news that perked me up this morning is that Primeval Evolved just won the 2010 International Digital Emmy Award for Best Digital Program in Fiction...I did production drawings for the Creature Sketchbook section and concept art for the games. You can see some screen shots from the project below and more stuff on my website. YAY TEAM! Here is an article about it: LINK

Friday, April 9, 2010

Another music video entry from Maik

Maik entered another music video competition, this time for Moby's song Wait for Me. I helped a little at the end by colouring his backgrounds and making the game start screen page. It was featured last week and its getting some great comments and views. The winner gets $5000, not alot compared to the Sneaky Sound System comp Maik won, but the exposure is the good thing.
Check it out! Videos

In regards to myself, I have finally finished the illustrations for the children's book & now scraping up illustration freelance here & there including; a Slovakian adult store website, tv show pitch bible, a hotel accommodation website, pro-bono for a charity print ad & backgrounds for poker machines. My in-house contract has been put back for another 2 months which is unfortunate, the upside is I can use the time to do a few personal projects & get back into some acting & organise a new folio.
UPDATE: Maik just was announced as a finalist...either by Genero or Moby!
UPDATE: Maik was awarded runner up in the Moby competition and takes away $1000!
UPDATE: Maik had an article about him in the Age Newspaper!