Friday, May 28, 2010

Adele in TVC with Curtis Stone

I was cast in a Coles commercial a few weeks ago. Im on the right of Curtis Stone with the brown hair in a pony tail...this is really exciting as it is playing in the commercial break's of Channel Ten's cheesy!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Motor Neurone Disease Association of Australia.

I recently did some pro bono work for the Motor Neurone Disease Association of Australia. Here are the three campaign print ads where I supplied the artwork to Kastner & Partners Sydney.

Monday, May 17, 2010

A is for Archaelogist & Anteater

Since I have finished the massive amount of monsters I haven't been drawing much, so I thought Id give myself a sketching project and went with the good old Alphabet. So Im going to do a quick bunch of drawings twice a week based on A to Z of Professions/People and Animals. I don't get to draw people or animals in my job (as Im usually doing backgrounds & props), so since I'm starting to do lifedrawing in the city I thought this would be good too. Nothing serious, just a nice challenge to see if I can develop over the rest of the year and become more fluid...Im sure the later ones will look way better than these first lot. Here are some Archaelogists and Anteaters.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Acting, Zombies and a BAFTA nomination...

...but totally unrelated.
No, I haven't got a BAFTA nomination for some acting, but Primeval Evolved, which I have previously posted about has been nominated. In regards to the acting, while waiting for work to start up for me again, Ive re-entered the performing world.
From 19 to 24 I used to do extra work and acting on the Gold Coast before entering the Illustration and animation industry...Id been slave girls to murder victims, and been in Scooby Doo to a Lara Croft themepark show. So now Im settled in Melbourne, Ive decided to take it up again in my spare time to get some extra cash & embrace my inner thespian. So a week after I join I get some extra work on soapie Neighbours and cast as a Masterchef apprentice in a Coles TVC with Curtis Stone...nice start! I'll have to tape it off the telly and post it here so we can all laugh.

Also I have taken the spare time to start on my own personal new project in craft and the other week Maik & I went and did the Melbourne Zombie Shuffle, over 5000 zombies!
photo by Jacqui Woods-Mchardy & Ludovic Tran