Monday, May 10, 2010

Acting, Zombies and a BAFTA nomination...

...but totally unrelated.
No, I haven't got a BAFTA nomination for some acting, but Primeval Evolved, which I have previously posted about has been nominated. In regards to the acting, while waiting for work to start up for me again, Ive re-entered the performing world.
From 19 to 24 I used to do extra work and acting on the Gold Coast before entering the Illustration and animation industry...Id been slave girls to murder victims, and been in Scooby Doo to a Lara Croft themepark show. So now Im settled in Melbourne, Ive decided to take it up again in my spare time to get some extra cash & embrace my inner thespian. So a week after I join I get some extra work on soapie Neighbours and cast as a Masterchef apprentice in a Coles TVC with Curtis Stone...nice start! I'll have to tape it off the telly and post it here so we can all laugh.

Also I have taken the spare time to start on my own personal new project in craft and the other week Maik & I went and did the Melbourne Zombie Shuffle, over 5000 zombies!
photo by Jacqui Woods-Mchardy & Ludovic Tran


Chris Kennett said...

You know an extras gig on neighbours is only a short step to Panto in England!

Adele K Thomas said...

hahaha...I have no interest in returning to the UK just for a panto!
In England you grow up on pantos and know that its a dead-end gig...they don't have them here in Australia, so maybe they thought they were going to the UK for something glamourous? ;D

michaelamos said...

Hahaha! Love the zombie look!!