Monday, May 17, 2010

A is for Archaelogist & Anteater

Since I have finished the massive amount of monsters I haven't been drawing much, so I thought Id give myself a sketching project and went with the good old Alphabet. So Im going to do a quick bunch of drawings twice a week based on A to Z of Professions/People and Animals. I don't get to draw people or animals in my job (as Im usually doing backgrounds & props), so since I'm starting to do lifedrawing in the city I thought this would be good too. Nothing serious, just a nice challenge to see if I can develop over the rest of the year and become more fluid...Im sure the later ones will look way better than these first lot. Here are some Archaelogists and Anteaters.

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Jordan said...

i think i like this exercise of yours.. may need to engage in something like that one of these days..