Sunday, August 22, 2010

Maik's Dorito's ad in top 3, please vote for him!...and pray my PC recovers.

Please vote for Maik's Dorito's Ad entry & help a artist get some money to work on their own projects! it's the only animated entry and called Fantasy Corn Chip Island.

In other news, I had to take today off work because I have caught a yucky cough, & to add to my dismay, I turned my computer on to do some work & it decided to also become sick & go into a coma. Thankfully I have all my files backed up, unfortunately I hadn't backed up previous personal sketch working files from the last month, including flash files for a new website I was working on for a side project. Im due to finish my contract in less than 2 months & really didnt need to loose PC power when I need it for upcoming freelancing & website updating...shithouse as Maik would say. Thankfully I have a netbook which runs sketchbook pro & my cintiq.


Sarasarasarato said...

Adele, ya maniac, the last time I saw this blog it looked as though you were going to close it down - Now it's an audiovisual spectacular. Thanks for posting those Neighbours clips, God knows I was never going to see those on TV.

Adele K Thomas said...

screw you Sara! hehehe

You should be watching TV every night to see if Im on enough banter, get back to finishing your quota...uurrggh!

By the way, you have yet again gone from Facebook and been missing all the info and updates about my new headshots and Maik's Dorito's video...hang on, you work with him, so you should be voting your ass off!

Adele K Thomas said...

...and the reason im drawing so much is because of sketchbook pro, it is THE awesome.