Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Monster Maintenance Manual

Holy Macaroni! Look what I just found, promotional release details for the book I illustrated for Murdoch Books, written by Peter Macinnis. All you peeps with kids or without, buy the Monster Maintenance Manual in November, its only $30, huge & one of those books that you keep discovering things as you age & re-read...& most importantly you can support my art career. Apparently its an Australia & UK release and more countries to follow...I'm so excited, I'm just so excited! A copy is coming my way next week. This is a Long Legged Underbed Pig, it was one of the monsters you had to do for the initial brief...I had to clean him up a bit more for the final book, but Im glad to see he made it in.

Update: Got the book...its freakin' sweet! When it is released ill be posting more images up here and maybe some of the rejected concepts.

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Emily Nelson said...

cool!! very exciting!! looks awesome :)