Monday, September 27, 2010

These guys made me do it...

Saw this on a blog and I wanted to do it too, people and companies who inspired me to be an illustrator, background artist and animator in the film and TV industry. From top left:
John K's Ren & Stimpy -It was THE show of my teen years.
Bruce Timm -His women and illustrations are just brilliant, I love everyone of them.
Henri Rousseau's Surprised! Tiger in a Tropical Storm -This painting has been my favourite artwork since I was 7.
Tim Burton's earlier films - I love the darkness and angles in Batman Returns.
Cosgrove Hall animated shows -I grew up in England with so many of their shows like Dangermouse, Duckula, Wind In the Willows and more.
Aardman -They were also a kew stand out studio in my early years in England and the original creature comforts are the best as well as their Sledgehammer music video for Peter Gabriel.
Mary Blair -I love her colour styling & influence on one of my favourite animated Disney films Alice in Wonderland.
Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho -,One of my favourite films, it's camera composition, angles, everything about it I love.
My parents -Never discouraged me from the path of being an mum constantly stocked up my art supplies.

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