Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Official book release date AND its at Borders!

The official release date for The Monster Maintenance Manual is the 1st of November and it will be available at Borders...and many other stores...WHOO!
Here are three of the sixty or so illustrations I did.

I may not post for a bit as I have just finished my role on Little Johnny: The Movie and I will be busy with freelance for a not alot of time for scribbles. I'll also be going away for two weeks to Queensland at the end of the month to visit family and friends AND Ive had to put my upcoming craft project (Sneakerfox) on hold because my sewing skills were in demand for my Princess Leia Hoth costume for the Empire Strikes Back 30th Anniversary Gala!

So unless I sneak something on here or post again about the book, ill be back around November...this ham sandwich can keep you amused until then.

Check out Maik's new trailer for his series 'Mollusks', his entry into the Movie Web Fest Competition, I painted the backgrounds in a very quick turnaround but I think they fit in pretty nicely.


Anonymous said...

kick arse adele, id totally eat that ham sadwich, ill try and order an monsters book from ireland. totally eat that sandwich, couldnt stop me if you tried.

Adele K Thomas said...

That sandwich is just aching to have your gums slather all over it!