Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monster Maintenance Manual Review

The author of the Monster Maintenance Manual sent me a link of a blog review...they mention my "superb" illustrations. That's pretty cool!
Ive recently updated my website, so you can see a bunch of monsters from the book...but don't use IE to view it as it sucks and doesn't show anything.
Here is a photo of the book in the Kinokuniya bookstore in Sydney when I went to pitch at SPAA recently.
Im just finishing off Little Johnny the Movie and some freelance for an Australian director. It will be the last work I take on for 2010. In January I will be starting a character design job from home (yay!) whilst I work on a mini bible for a project I succesfully pitched to a children's network. Because of these two big tasks, everything else will have to wait, including my Sneakerfox project ive had on the backburner for six months!
P.S. Skeletor has nothing to do with anything, he is just a scribble.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Monster Maintenance Manual now available!

The book is out (written by Peter Macinnis) and although I only found one copy after looking in four bookshops on the Gold Coast, friends back in Melbourne were able to find it. My friend Andy took a photo of his copy, thanks to him & Chris for the support. I did find five copies in Brisbane, my friends Rosa, Mark, Katie & Gemma each bought a copy and the store got me to sign two. Here is a photo of me with a copy of the book in Recent Releases.