Thursday, December 16, 2010


So it's that time of year when projects end, your creative juices run out (literally, you are drawing rubbish) and your hand starts to shake and ache. You have to stop before its too late and before you have to reach for a wrist brace to ease any future possibilty of it must be Christmas break!
I want to wish all my friends, fellow artists and followers a merry Christmas and a happy new year! I myself will be quitting the computer from this Saturday and not doing anything with my right hand creatively for two weeks or so...except for putting food in my mouth, playing DJ Hero and pressing remote buttons.
I have to have a break before the very busy 2011 starts and I suggest you also take a break if you can...look at the outside world, the people and creatures and take in some new inspirations this holiday break (and go see a heap of movies!) If you want to feel good, do what I did today, donate to the RSPCA and Lost Dogs Home. I also bought a cactus (called Mc Stabby)...I dont have a dog to spoil this Christmas.
One last photo of the book in store at Readings...placed in the section with lego, world records and Star Wars or win?

Have fun!

x Adele