Friday, January 7, 2011

2011...a busy start to the year.

Well its only the very start of January and Im back into full time work. I've started an awesome character design job for Perth/Sydney company Zactoons and really enjoying it. I get to work at home and have the luxury of a daily bike ride around the lake outside. I spent the majority of the second half of the year doing layouts and flash builds for Little Johnny the movie, so its great to get back into character design. Its also wonderful practice for when I have to start drawing up all the characters for a mini-bible Im working on soon for my own project.

Maik and I find out in a few days if his animated web series "Mollusks" has won $50, 000 to make a series, you can check out the site here. Maik managed to get Australian comedian Bob Franklin on board for a possible voice actor and also filmed him doing some funny sketches for a plea for votes.

The Badger above is an illustration I did some time last year and meant to finish colouring it, so I squeezed it in after today's character design load.

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