Monday, February 21, 2011

The Little Johnny Movie

In the second half of last year I worked on an Australian flash animated LOW budget film called Little Johnny the Movie. I worked on flash build, layout & also coloured some backgrounds. Here are some stills from the website, as you can see, its not really for children. If you are a fan of Kevin 'Bloody' Wilson, Ute Musters & beer, this one is for you. In these images I did all of the layouts. All images remain the property of Instinct Entertainment.

On another note, I just saw that the AOP have used my illustrations on one of their products, part of their fundraising project.


Sarasarasarato said...

I am a fan of Spock, prehistoric Europe and the Coen Brothers. That said, fantastic layout work Adele. Been loving the recent blog updates.

Chris Kennett said...

Boo to no zombie hands. Yay to quality BG art

Adele K Thomas said...

Sarasarasarato, I am a fan of Wonder Woman, the idea of one day visiting Peru and Comic Book movies even though I dont read comic books. Thanks for visiting...Melbourne misses you...and when I say Melbourne I mean Maik and me...awww.

Chris, I was so bummed when Neil said the zombie hand was not in line with the scene :D