Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Troll Doll!

I was responding to some comments recently and I was told I was "trolling". I was simply replying to comments and someone must have felt I was responding too much. After looking up the meaning, it turns out I wasn't "trolling", but all it did was make me think of a Troll Doll, because I used to collect them when I was younger.


Emily Nelson said...

I loved trolls. I had a heap of them and they used to ride ponies and have baths and I would shampoo and brush their hair. (Trolls replaced barbies in my home)... Actually it was trolls and my lego restaurant/resort and my favourite toy garfield. I had a rainbow hair troll too... good times... good times... :) i like this

Josh Janssen said...

I think we should change the name to 'Mickey Mousing'. LOL

Adele K Thomas said...

Well I didnt say anything that was mean or I dont understand the "troll" name. I simply was responding to people's quick comments and making them think a bit more. I like playing devil's advocate id said, its not my taste but there are people who are looking forward to watching Little Johnny and why should we refuse to work on something just because it might not look like million dollar budget projects? You're only hurting yourself and Id rather the work and experience than sit at home bagging out stuff...except on Regretsy, because some of those crafts are really stupid. I also made new industry friends and that includes you :D