Tuesday, April 5, 2011

betelgeuse! betelgeuse! betelgeuse!

Over at the Autumn Society they are doing another fantastic art show in honor of three great pop culture/cult movies. Last year it was the 3G, Ghostbusters, Gremlins & Goonies, and this year its the 3B -Beetlejuice, Back to the Future & Bill and Ted's movies. You have to be invited to participate, but I felt the urge to pump out a quick little sketch of my favourite. Check out their blog.
  I have been invited by Avant Card Australia to submit an art work for their next issue of their free postcards. They are an Australia wide free postcard/advertising company and you can find their stands right across the country. Each year they invite new artists to submit work and then a few are chosen to be published for free. I used to collect them back when I was a teenager, so its pretty awesome to know that this year ill have my work on their postcards for other people to pick up. Here is the rough sketch, for once not digitally.  Also this week ill be finishing my full time job as a character designer with Zactoons and going back to doing some backgrounds for Studio Moshi for a couple of weeks. My late April camping holiday/30th to The Great Ocean Road with Maik is starting to look pretty good. Unfortunately when we return we have to move house and then ill collapse with exhaustion. By the way, why are my characters always running lately? Must be something psychological, I need to get away...betelgeuse! betelgeuse! betelgeuse!


Sarasarasarato said...

That's awesome Adele!! I'm gonna run down to the Uni cafeteria, grab your free card and knock over the stand screaming. I still collect those!

Shame you guys have to move though. Where to now? Personally I've always wanted to live in Balaclava. Or maybe you two can squeeze into mine and Sen's old unit in Sydney Road *horror*

Congrats on all your illustration success lately. Give my best to yer missus (Maik).

Adele K Thomas said...

Ill picture you doing it, crying with excitement like a Justin Beiber fan.

Ill tell you one thing, im not living in somewhere called Balaclava...Mother Thomas would never come to stay.
Im looking for places extremely close by, only suburbs that basically border our area...and some are starting to pop up now for May availability.
Maik is in America till the 22nd...so when i talk to him next, ill send your love.
Lovely to hear from you? What are you doing for a crust these days ya plonker!