Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Last bit of art for now...Avant Card.

Here is the final colour illustration (and thumbnail) for Avant Card I finished last week. The original sketch is a couple of posts below. I will have to look out for it on the racks in a couple of months, if you are in Australia in June and see it...GRAB IT!
Im taking a break from industry work, freelance and bascically anything work wise from Easter for three weeks. I havent had a holiday since Christmas 2009, I have been working full time in freelance ever since. I was meant to take this three weeks off over last Christmas, but had a full time contract offered to me for a character design job, so I chose to postpone. Anyhoo, it's my birthday this Sunday 24th of April, its Easter and my wrist is telling me to stop working. Anyone in this time who contacts me and asks for work will unfortunately get a "no".

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