Monday, May 16, 2011

Footlocker Art Prize Entry

I have just entered my first entry into the Australian Footlocker Art Prize competition. My entry is called Converse All Star Monster Mash Up. The winner is selected by judges, thank goodness, because there is nothing worse than online voting...not everyone has millions of friends! Anyway, you can be voted up for a public favourite, here is the link for my Footlocker Art entry. You just click the menu tab "appreciate" above my entry and click 'like' and/or 'share'.


Nick McIvor said...

Cool! I would totally buy that shoe

iconic:a fine art said...

Wow, that is wicked. I have just dropped my effort, but that looks pretty sweet indeed :)

Good luck mate.

Catherine Lowe said...

just found your blog, love it! good luck :)