Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pet stores make me sad.

I have seen this Pomeranian puppy in the window of a pet store here in Melbourne for over 2 months. I dont have permission to have a dog in my apartment, Im waiting a bit to ask & I was planning to adopt if I get a 'yes'. Whenever I pass this guy, who looks like a fox, I want to save him from his glass home. I wonder how much longer till he either is bought or moves on elsewhere.


Leath said...


not a fan of pet stores either. Poor fella should be adopted by someone else who really needs but can't afford a buddy.

Sarasarasarato said...

Just buy him, house him in a birdcage and flatly deny that it's a dog when the landlord asks.

Tarah said...

Or you can request a friend who can take are of it and then you'll just visit him/her. Since you must provide food and stuff, buy them with discount pet supplies, so that the extra will be for your friend.