Monday, July 4, 2011

X-men's Rogue, 90's style.

Found some time to do my week three drawing, something fun and bright. Next week ill return to a character I observe in real life...this time a man.


Ben Leon said...

choice adele, i always was a rouge fan, they totally cast her perfect with anna paquin:)- love teh sleve creases/drapery, awesome.

Adele K Thomas said...

Thanks Ben!

Im actually going as 90's Rogue to the next up coming conventions. Ive been hitting up the gym so I can look decent in that spandex...and I thought Wonder Woman would be a challenge, at least I had a cape to hide in. :D

Sorcha said...

Thank you Adele. I was looking for an image of a female superhero that wasn't oversexualised, for use in an English class. And of course that is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Thanks to you, I found the needle. And of course Rogue rocks.