Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So I am free to announce now, that I did not win the Children's Book Council of Australia's Crichton Award for a first time children's book illustrator, I was in the top six finalists. I was informed about a month ago but couldn't say anything. So now I'm just looking forward to my runner up certificate to arrive, so I can post it up for all to see.

At the moment I haven't got any time to do my own sketches as I'm busy painting background's for The Mollusk's web series and designing characters for my Cartoon Network mini-bible. Of course this means I don't have time for much paid work, but when your so busy doing something you enjoy from home, who cares right?...right?!

Ive also sent off a manuscript for a picture book to Scholastic, fingers crossed someone gets back to me with some promising news in the future.

Back to the drawing board...the second illustration is a concept that came out tonight, totally wrong for what im doing but I liked him, so I though Id share...must have needed to draw how I felt at the time.

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Sarasarasarato said...

You're darned tootin', Adele. Help that sack of sh*t Maik finish the series so I can enjoy the sound of my own voice, literally.

I love the cat's silver medal expression, haha! Congratulations all the same.