Sunday, August 26, 2012

Griffith Film School Interview

Here is an interview I did for Griffith Film School (formally Queensland College of Art), where I studied animation for four years, including an honors year.

It is the animation department's 25th anniversary and they asked me to answer some questions about my experiences before, during and after the course. I couldn't make it to the event, so here is my input if you are interested.

If you are in the Brisbane city area and interested in going and checking it all out, you can find the details here.


Richard said...

Good interview. You graduated the same year that Disney Sydney shut down- that must've been disappointing for those studying who wanted to pursue hand-drawn animation. It was a big loss as an animation training venue and employer.

Adele K Thomas said...

Hey Richard!

Well we actually went on our Sydney trip in our third year in 2005, the drawcard of that trip is a visit to the Disney studios...which was a long time tradition for upcoming graduate QCA students, as one or two usually went to work for them.

The signs were there of them closing down, as when we got there, we were told that they couldn't let us in due to security reasons...which sounded bogus. Especially since a friend/employee was able to invite a friend in.

The following year/s they closed. So not only did the avenue for 2D in Brisbane close with Liquid, but it did all over Australia. A friend of mine worked there and got to learn how t paint backgrounds professionally, that is something I would have loved to do.

Richard said...

Hey Adele,
Missed this follow-up.
If I recall correctly it was around August 05 that the announcement was made to shut the studio, but yeah the whiff of it had been in the air for a little while despite the higher brass telling us it wasn't going to happen.
It really was a great training ground for animation and just all-round great atmosphere with such a mixed group of talented people to work with.
Darren Keating and Donald Walker are both former QCA students that I know who were there.
As for security, yeah they were pretty tight- finger scan locked doors. That said tho' we could invite people in. Even groups occasionally came thru- they'd have to be organised before-hand tho', they didn't like people just rocking up. The security doors had been put in place to prevent people coming in off the street and giving themselves self-guided tours and lifting stuff, which had happened.
It was such a shame to close it down.