Saturday, October 13, 2012

Wonder Woman at Melbourne Armageddon

When you give yourself a day off, do it in cosplay.
Met Sebastian Roche (Vampire Diaries, Fringe) on the tram this weekend, he was here for Armageddon, really nice guy...but I totally missed his panel at the con!


Oppenhaus said...

Why didn't you include the one where you posed with the Doc and the Delorean? I was the guy taking shots of the Delorean before you posed for your pic with the Doc. I thought that would've been a good pic to include on your blog! :)

Oppenhaus said...

Btw, good posing in all your shots, especially the first two pics at the top, definitely channeling the WW vibe! :)

Adele K Thomas said...


Do you mean the one where Im look at my wrist with the Doc...I think it was too blurred :/

Oppenhaus said...

Yeah, that's the one. It turned out blurry? Pfft! Figures... I guess the guy's hand was shaking too much when he took the picture because he was in awe of your beauty! Hehe! :) But I'm sure you can fix the picture with the magic of Photoshop!