Friday, November 16, 2012

Save the Koalas T-shirt Entry

Went a little 90's on it...apparently the 90's triangles I grew up with as a child have made a return, so I'll get in on that action. I made it a little in-joke on this little dude with the "free hugs", seeing as they give out hundreds of free hugs a week in this country.

In relation to koalas, this week in South Australia, there were some pretty bad bush fires and koalas are being treated to burns to their feet, paws, fur and general dehydration. It costs $130 a day for the AMWRRO to take care of them. So if you would like to help, head on over and make a donation for these poor dudes (link). By the way, Mike Tyson is afraid of them, check out this story from this week in Brisbane...and he owned three tigers. hehehe, love it!

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