Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Kermit Supports VFX Artists

This week I did some background extra work on the series Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries and in front of a green screen. Yep, it's used in almost everything. Those of us in the animation industry know how the VFX artists are feeling, especially ex-employees of Australian studio Ettamogah, which left a lot of animators and artists out of pocket and bitter.

After seeing Steve Lambe's lovely Hulk take on the green screen Facebook support square, I thought Id give mine a twist too.


Leath said...

OMG Adele. I work on Miss Fisher at work. Do you know what episode? I'll keep an eye out for u. Maybe put a soft halo around your head or something :P

Adele K Thomas said...

LEATH! Im in the episode with a hostess host, prostitutes. It was the first episode :D