Saturday, May 4, 2013

Guinness World Record Attempt

I'm top right, grinning like a moron.
IT'S OFFICIAL! I'm part of The Guinness Book of Records!
Last year me & some friends took part in the CosGame 2012 - Largest Crowd Dressed As Video Game Characters at Melbourne's Federation Square & we just got word that were successful!

"The current record for "Largest Crowd dressed as video games characters" is 470 participants and was achieved by The Academy of Interactive Entertainment (Australia) in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, on 5th May 2012."
You can vote for the "Guinness Fan Choice Record of the Week" here AND check out the youtube video here, highlights from the day here.

Thanks to Mark Libman & AIE Melbourne for organising it all...can't wait to get my official certificate!