Thursday, June 13, 2013

Jaime and Brienne are thinking about their feels.

I'd like to colour this when I get a chance.


Unfortunately Ive been bogged down with work day and night, as well as updating my website for my LA trip. Therefore unable to jump back onto the 30 day drawing challenge. But I intend to finish it.

At work I have been given more design work, where I get to concept characters who will make an appearance in the future episodes. So far a couple of my designs have been chosen, yay!

The Pearson Educational Comic Book is back on. So far the test pages I did looks really fun, they look great when the designers add the speech bubbles. I'm currently roughing out the rest of the pages and then will complete the colour art when I return from LA at the end of July.

Which is why I have to get my website re-design up and ready for when I visit San Diego Comic Con and studios in LA....can't wait! I'm definitely going to try and blog from there.

In the mean time I found myself on TV again...this time in Channel Nine's House Husbands.