Tuesday, July 30, 2013

USA Wrap Up

So i'm back and had a great time in the US. So many things happened but I wasn't able to blog about it as it happened as all the plans I had with internet access was thrown out the window.
I had a wonderful time visiting friends, studios, LA and Burbank, seeing and meeting Jeff Goldblum at his Jazz band night and especially San Diego Comic Con...wow, that was an amazing geek experience.

Here are some of my favourite photos and events from my trip:

Bruce Timm!
J.Scott Campbell
Camping out for the panels.
Successfully getting into the panels.
20th anniversary X-Files panel
Hugh Jackman/The Wolverine Panel
This is me asking a question at the Days of Future Past panel.
Here are is a playlist of videos from youtube of me having a bit of banter with Hugh Jackman at Comic Con from different angles:


Gemma Duffill said...

I love that moment between you and Hugh, it's so dorky and hilarious

Todd said...

boop. you rock.

Todd said...

what do you reckon Adele, I'd say your talent has been successfully exploited and commercialized? :)