Friday, September 20, 2013

Goal Achieved! Level Up!

This is how you watch a cartoon.
This weekend was special for the peeps at Melbourne based Studio Moshi and personally for me it was pretty important too. Eight years ago I finished my degree at uni, where I studied traditional animation. I left with a goal to one day work on an animation series and if I was lucky enough  I'd get to see my name in the credits. 

On Saturday it finally happened, my name in the credits on TV as a designer for the Australian/Canadian animated series: The Day My Butt Went Psycho.

Well done to Andrew Davies who has worked hard for the last two years to get this project up and running here in Australia. I remember working on it two years ago for like a day, when the character design was first being developed and I had a go at a background now its fantastic to be working on the actual series.

I have finally achieved my original goal, congratulations Moshi crew.
Deuce and the rare double mouth frame.


Richard said...

Well done!

cjlewis-thenoisemaker said...

I always believed in you and what you could achieve.... ever since you approached me with your Vial of Youth project. Congrats.