Sunday, September 8, 2013

Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries.

A few months ago I did some work on the second season of Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries. I was a hostess...a gentleman's hostess, if you know what I mean. I have to wait till i can record the actual clips, so for now this will have to the photos for a larger image.
Here I am protesting against the police. I'm yelling, "dirty cops!" and giving it a bit of the arm in the air, waving my purse around in anger.
And here I am doing my best suspicious glaring. I knew on the day that their continuity would be a bit stuffed up, cos here I am on BOTH sides of the room in the one scene. Oh well, more of me for everyone!
Just me having a chit chat with a client, escaping out of the room for some "business" and then casual walking through shot, showing up in the local paper and then trying to organise some more "business" with another client.

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