Monday, May 19, 2014

May Update

Ever found a plumber in your toilet?! See how this one
got stuck there this Saturday, 7.30am on GO!
This Saturday's The Day My Butt Went Psycho episode includes a character called The Plumberbutt, who I had a hand in designing. After this episode, I have more character designs popping up here and there, but this guy and a poodle named Princess are my first in the series.
I'm really excited to finally see a character Ive designed come to life on an airing animated television series. 

Good work, team Studio Moshi and Nelvana!

Other good news (well not good news for my friend who had to drop out), but I got a placement in the Designing Dreams Dreamworks project with ACMI after a spot became vacant. I was next in line to be chosen as I was a finalist. So now I have to brainstorm an idea for a short film and eventually I get to pitch/discuss it with the creatives at Dreamworks. I unfortunately missed out on some of the earlier perks (free talks, lunches etc) but its all good!

Ive also started colouring my children's book and there is still some things going on with my Cartoon Network pilot.