Monday, August 25, 2014

Masters Of The Memeaverse Threadless Entry

We all know who the new wizards of the web are. Bow down to the masters of the memes; cats, sloths and pugs. Go vote 5 for them here: LINK
Also on this competition there is a FUND IT option which is an additional vote and also another way to get printed if you dont win. Friends can get a $5 discount. Use the code XNP9R9 to get it. Just click the FUND IT button and enter your details as if you were buying my shirt and enter the promo code (you dont get charged unless I get printed). You'll also be helping me earn double royalties if it DOES get printed...which means I can have more money to buy pizza if I dont win the 20K. Mmmm sad pizza. Whatever you choose to do, Thanks!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Incredibles Threadless Entry

I have entered the Threadless Incredibles competition. If you like my entry, please go give it a vote of 5 and share it around: link