Thursday, October 29, 2015

Melbourne City FC Mascots

At the start of the year I was working on some character design for a project I couldn't talk about till launch day.
I had a lovely surprise when I opened the match day program recently, with the launch of the Melbourne City (Aleague Soccer team under Manchester City group) FC's City Kids Mascots. 

I was hired to take the new mascots from their costume form and bring them to life as illustrations. Im happy with how they came out and was able to inject my style into them. I was surprised to see the head of the boy changed to match my new design. I love them in their football program context. I hope they have a long future at the club, who Im a foundation member of and thoroughly support. Thanks to those who hired me; The City Group, Gemba and Artisan. Go City!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wonder Women Series: Furiosa

I LOVE Mad Max: Fury Road, especially Furiosa. Here is the fourth of my Wonder Women series.

Here is the rough drawing, inked line and colour thumb.

My four ladies so far.