Saturday, December 5, 2015

Irazu: My 2012 Animated Pilot & Short Film

In 2012 I produced and directed an animated pilot called Irazu.
The idea was originally concepted during my honors year of Traditional Animation at Griffith University in 2006.
Irazu follows the adventures of geeky kid Pequita and her kooky sloth friend Irazu.

It was VERY close to being green lit for a series but then...*poof!* Last minute change of mind. So I have put it up here for someone to enjoy other than myself, because people worked hard to make it. Produced in Australia with Canadian/New Zealand voice talent.

If you would like to see more artwork for the development, check it out here:

I would like to thank everyone who was involved in this production, especially my partner, Maik Hempel and
Cartoon Network Asia.

Irazu, Pequita and this pilot remain the property of Adele K. Thomas. This is a continual project, visit my blog or my website for updates.

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