Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Shopkins : Wild

Here's the trailer for the new feature film from Universal studios, Shopkins Wild, which I co-directed with my pal Richard, and I was Senior Art Director again, setting the colour styling and feel of the world and story. Our whole production team from top to bottom worked really hard on this and Im very proud of everyone and cant wait to work together again. It will be out in March in cinemas and then on dvd. 

If you're not the parent of a six year old kid, then here are some screenshots from the trailer to look at.

Here are my credits from the cinema release! It's official!
Thank you to my team, Studio Moshi, Moose Toys, Universal and NBC.

Fish for February

January February Scribbles

Here are some scribbles from January to early February, between directing a film and illustrating children's books.