Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Kids WB

Yesterday I went along to KidsWB to film the Illustrator Battle and also be interviewed about my work as an illustrator in animation, as well as the books Champion Charlies, Pearl The Magical Unicorn and Animals Eat Their Veggies Too!

I was there with Adrian Beck, Chris Kennett, James Hart, Matt Stanton, Serena Geddes and Scott Edgar.
Check out my interview on June 9 and my battle against on June 10 on channel 9. 

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Pearl The Magical Unicorn - Scholastic Children's Books

Another book series I have been working on is Pearl the Magical Unicorn for Scholastic and written by Sally Odgers. Where I only had to do eight illustrations in each book for Champion Charlies, these have around 80 to 90 in each book. I'm very excited to see the final book and can't wait to see it on the shelves. There are three in the series, first one is out in July and i'm working on book three at the moment.

Champion Charlies - Penguin Random House Children's Books

I have been illustrating a book series for Penguin Random House, the FFA and Adrian Beck. There will be four books and the first two come out in June, just in time for the World Cup. As a football fan, this was a great gig. I'm currently working on book three.

April and May Scribbles

As I previously mentioned I have had an art block, so I don't have much to show from recent months, but here are a few drawings...I'm also doing Mermay, you can find them on my instagram.
 I have been wanting to do a Jamiroquai Jay Kay series for years and finally started...but from the last album. I have about thirteen to go through in my own time. I'll be posting them on my Instagram as I go.

A little Easter scribble.

Supanova downtime Wonder Woman.

A cute Battlecat. He is available to purchase as a print from my Etsy store.

Fiji Break

I went on a well deserved trip to Fiji at the end of April and basically just sat on an island beach and snorkelled with my partner for ten days. It was great. I was in a really bad art block and this reset me. I highly recommend the Octopus Island resort.
This piglet ran around our cabin one night. So cute and tiny.

Animals Eat Their Veggies Too Update

This year I have been promoting and selling my book at local Melbourne conventions and you can find it at All Star Comics in the city too. So awesome to see it on a shelf with a price sticker and knowing people are buying it because they see it and like the look of it.
I'll also be selling it at Oz Comic Con in June. Also available on my Etsy store.