Saturday, April 20, 2019

AVAILABLE NOW! Get to know your veggies with these colourful friendly stickers.

🔹Two sheets of stickers, eight on each sheet.
🔹Featuring vegetables from the book, Animals Eat Their Veggies Too!
🔹Glossy vinyl finish.
🔹Bright and cheerful colours.
🔹Featuring 15 vegetables with the names of the veggies, and one character from the book with the slogan, “I love veggies!”
🔹A5 size sheets.

Scribbles n'stuff.

Mermaid Holiday's The Talent Show Promo

I held a little mermaid themed book launch for the new Penguin Puffin series, Mermaid Holidays, written by Delphine Davis and illustrated by me! 

I sported a costume, themed up the place with anything oceanic, mermaidy and I even made some Ariel Dinglehopper cupcakes. ❤

Later on in the week I visited book stores and schools, where I gave out these super cool enamel pins.

2019 Victorian Premier's Reading Challenge

I'm happy to announce that I was chosen as the artist for the 2019 Victorian Premier's Reading Challenge. I had to produce all three posters and pitched the ideas too. 

If your kid gets anything from the challenge this year (posters, bookmarks, checklists, stickers etc), it will have my artwork on it!

I'm so pleased to have worked on this project. I loved designing posters for my primary school book week poster comp, and I won about three times in a row, winning books each year. So to design real posters for this reading initiative was awesome.

I didn't do the text/font, that was the graphic designer. Looks great.

💎This Is My Llama! - Faux Little Golden Book💎

I have finally finished my little personal project, creating my own little "book" from a poem I wrote. A dream of mine is to work on A Little Golden Book, so I went proactive and did my own as a folio piece. I'd love to get it printed as a little colour mag.